As photographers, we often get asked what cameras and lenses and gear we use…or use most often. I wish I could say there’s a magic bullet for making images compelling. But, there’s not. Don’t get me wrong, the gear is awesome…and I can do things with my my current camera bodies and lens line-up that […]

My Gear – Candid NY Family Photographer


Sony Gear

Okay, so it wasn’t exactly a haunted mansion, but I did take some of my favorite young photographers to an abandoned asylum about a year ago. It was spooky and creepy and FABULOUS! And, totally perfect for Halloween. (This is where I’m duty-bound to advise you to speak to the proper authorities and get the […]

The Haunted Mansion – Rockland County Photographer


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Creativity: Week 3 We continue our series about overcoming creative slumps this week by discussing experimentation with new or different photographic techniques. Trying out something new can be extremely frustrating, as there is almost always a learning curve. But who ever said that greatness doesn’t demand a little failure every now and again? There are […]

Nyack Family Photographer: Cultivating Creativity 3


El Matador State Beach, Malibu, black and white nature photos, beach photos

Creativity: Week 1 As a Westchester NY family photographer, with the busyness of photographing clients and my own family, it happens that sometimes I find myself in a creative rut. It can be frustrating, and humbling, and damaging to our self-confidence as artists. However, those same periods of exasperation can also be the proving ground […]

Westchester NY Family Photographer: Cultivating Creativity


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12 Tips for Better Mobile Photos NOW

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The best camera is the one that's with you. And, for most of us, that's usually our phones. Level up your mobile photography game with these 12 tips to help you capture more engaging images. 

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