iPhone Photography Tips for Parents

So, I mostly carry one of my cameras around with me at all times. Lately, that’s usually been my Sony a7iii because it’s just so easy to travel with & I just plain love that thing! Buuut, if you’re not nuts like me and toting around a big camera everywhere you go, you’re likely using the best camera you’ve got handy – your phone!

Smartphone photographic capabilities have come such a long way, particularly in recent years. The venerable iPhone certainly paved the way, however there are so many more Android and even Google options now! So, even though I’m calling this “iPhone-ography tips,” the same suggestions apply to any and every smartphone on the market. Take a gander below, and feel free to download the cheat sheet via the link just afterwards.


The quick phone photography cheat sheet can be DOWNLOADED HERE.

And, for those of you looking to use your new phone in the water (fun times ahead!), let’s chat. The most compelling element of shooting underwater is perspective. You have a unique ability to tell your story both over and under. But, with that unique experience comes some unique challenges. Chiefly – color and clarity. Water casts either a green or blue hue, so you will always always have to do some work on the back end to recover accurate color tones. This is particularly important for skin tones. So, if you do take your water-safe phone below the depths, you will need to keep this in mind. If the water casts a green hue, you will need to add magenta when editing. If it casts a blue hue, you will need to add yellow.   For clarity,  the easiest way to address. this is by staying. as close to your subject as possible. This limits the amount of backscatter that can occur between you and your subject. Simply put, “backscatter” is the little scatter of light particles through the water that can impede the clarity of your image.

Next week, I’ll share some of my favorite photography apps for your smartphone…some that help in the actual making of an image, some that are great in the editing of those images. Until then, have fun snapping!

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