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meet gina

meet gina

I’m Gina. Wife, Mom, Photographer, Teacher...nature lover, good book reader, shower singer, marshmallow roaster, sheepdog wrangler, color catcher, wannabe shadow puppet master, and loud laugher. 

Because even grownups need a reminder that it’s okay to play.

After 19 years as an educator (and 11.5 years as mom to my Twinkles), I’ve learned that kids need a little time, a little patience, and a little room to run. And, those grownups? They just need a reminder that it’s okay to play. We all spend so much time focused on work and school and chores…the busy-ness of daily life…that we often forget to simply enjoy being with each other. 

Forget the rest of it; just be in the moment.

Rebecca mentioned that her family’s session with me “was the first time in a really long time [she] actually played with [her] kids without worrying about a to-do list.” 

That’s what I want. I want anyone who steps in front of my camera to remember that they spent an afternoon having fun.  

"Gina has an eye for beauty and captured everything perfectly! My favorite thing about our photos is that Gina truly managed to capture "us" in the pictures. The photos are not stiff, but full of movement."

- tatyana d.

Tacos on Tuesday…or really any day.

Roadtripping to national parks.

Margaritas on the rocks, with salt. Always salt. 

My kids laughing.

Big fluffy dogs.

Digging in the garden.

My husband’s smile lines.

Friday night dance parties in the kitchen.

Lemon-flavored anything.

The smell of sagebrush in a summer rainstorm.

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"As a mom of young kids Gina gets kids and family dynamics and makes what could be a stressful experience of a family shoot fun and casual. She takes the pressure off. She's great at interacting with the kids and her shots are just gorgeous - so stylish and modern and perfectly capture expressions and moments."

- verena a.

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