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Okay, so it wasn’t exactly a haunted mansion, but I did take some of my favorite young photographers to an abandoned asylum about a year ago. It was spooky and creepy and FABULOUS! And, totally perfect for Halloween. (This is where I’m duty-bound to advise you to speak to the proper authorities and get the proper permits before adventuring).

asylum, haunted mansion

I’m one of those embarrassing people at movies who jumps and startles super easily. Yep, I’ve left nail marks in my husband’s arm before (poor guy). Scaredy cat. That’s me. So, this was a huge departure from my normal day to day.

asylum, haunted mansion

I drew the line at finding the morgue though. That’s just too much. They’re way more brave than me. But, we made a morning of it. Exploring a long forgotten, but beautiful, old place. New York is rife with old and abandoned buildings. Sadly, many of them ultimately meet their ends with a bulldozer. But, I suppose that’s what time and absence do to our history…

asylum, haunted mansion

So, in honor of the spookiest day of the year…I give you the spookiest place I’ve certainly ever been to. Enjoy the day. I hope it’s positively terrifying!

And, just in case you’re looking for some tips to photograph your kids this evening, check out THIS BLOG POST to make the most of your time together!

Happy Halloween

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