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This year, I attempted a 365. One image a day, every day, all year long. The making pictures part isn’t what has proved to be most daunting, however. It’s culling and editing all of the images.

Westchester NY Family Photographer

As a mom, I find it difficult sometimes to just stop at one. As a working mom, I find it difficult to carve out the time to go through them all. Because, look, at the end of the day (just like any other parent) I want the images of my family to actually be visible. I don’t want them to just languish on my hard drives. Those memories are so important. And, not only do my husband and I love seeing them, our kids actually love looking through those old photos too! Molly routinely heads over to the bookshelf where we keep our photo albums and pulls them down to look at them. Wyatt can often be found inspecting the photographs on the walls lining the stairway. These are important memories for them just as much as us…maybe even more so.

Westchester NY Family Photographer

We live in a time when most people just don’t print their images anymore. Sadly. Very sadly. If nothing else, this 365 has taught me that printing those memories is as important as the making of the pictures that documented them.

Westchester NY Family Photographer

I have only four photos from my childhood, so I am (admittedly) a little more conscious of this need for physical prints than others might be. But, it’s important. We should all be able to look back on family members, and friends, and events, and in-between moments and recall what life was like way back when.

Westchester NY Family Photographer

This 365 has really brought that importance into crystalline focus. So, in the spirit of a year in photos…print them out! I’ll definitely be keeping this in mind at the start of the new year, when considering changes/upgrades to session offerings for clients!

Here’s to a fabulous trip around the sun!

Honest & Joyful Westchester NY Family Photographer

Gina specializes in colorful & modern storytelling images. Using carefully chosen outdoor locations to provide a backdrop for each family’s story, she is able to create an adventurous and fun-filled session atmosphere. Visit the Session Info page for more details.

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