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As a mother and family/ child photographer, I’m constantly reminding myself that what needs to be preserved is the sense of fun and exploration…and the whimsy of childhood in photographs. Children are little for such a fraction of a second (how cliche does that sound?).  But, I think we all forget to slow down and take the time to let them enjoy it. When working with clients, or when photographing my own kids, the first thing I think about is “how can I make this fun?” I mean, would you want someone in your face with some crazy electronic thing if it wasn’t fun?? No. Not me. No way. No how.

Now, you probably know already that I’m not huge into props. It’s just not my thing. As a photographer, my focus is on the people and their interactions with one another. So, yes, I’ll think of one or two items to enhance an image. But, that is it. I prefer to spend my time thinking about what kinds of games we can play to capture family photographs with the parents & children interacting HONESTLY…or images of kids being kids.

On a recent outing, I met a superhero…at the beach…in 55-degree weather! Nope, mom and dad had absolutely no intention of dipping their toes into Nyack’s cold Hudson River water, but you know what? That kind of thing is so much fun for a little person!  And, this Nyack family photographer LOVED every. single. second of it! Choosing locations that are going to provide new and fun experiences is the first step in a fun and energetic session! And, adding in something that they love (eh hem…the cape), THAT makes for photographic gold! And, when we get gold, we get whimsical childhood photographs to preserve forever. ::happy sigh:: If you like what you see, call 845-535-9683 to schedule your own family session.

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