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The busy season for family photographs is upon us. With so many families waiting for their portraits, there is one question almost every mom or dad asks me when booking: “What do we wear?”  In the spring, I posted on the same topic…but, there are some different things that we need to consider when deciding how to dress for fall family photos. And, as a Westchester County family photographer, I’m always looking to the backdrop that will surround my families.

New York in the fall is absolutely gorgeous. But, the color palate is entirely different. The Spring is all about saturated greens and the dark blacks/browns of wet earth, with some pops of color as the flowers just start to bloom. Autumn, on the other hand, is an absolute jewel box of color!  The vibrant golds and reds and oranges of a northeastern autumn offer such a warm setting that just invites closeness. However, as much as I appreciate and adore Autumn (it’s my favorite season), the whole point of a family photograph is to stand out in that landscape! You don’t want to fade into it. This is where clothing choice becomes so import.

If you’re surrounded by all that color, you need to choose colors that will complement the colors of the landscape. But, what the heck does this mean??? It means that if we have lots of golds/reds/oranges happening around us, then we want to try for clothing with blues/greens/purples/ivories. 

Alternatively, you can choose colors that are similar to those in the landscape…So, if we have lots of reds/golds/oranges around us, those would also be the same colors from which you’d choose. My one word of caution with this choosing, is to be aware of where your photos will take place. If you know that you’re going to be photographed in a golden field, for the love of all things beautiful, don’t wear golds/beiges…you will be positively lost in the beautiful field you loved so much!

Saturated jewel tones will pop wonderfully against such a pale backdrop.  Similarly, if you are taking your annual photos in a beautiful fall forest with lots of saturated red and orange leaves, lighter ivories and light browns will pop against those jewel tones. As would light denims/blues.

Have fun with it! And, don’t be afraid to ask if you’re still uncertain. I want your family photos to be beautiful and loved just as much as you do!


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