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Spring is here and we’re ringing in April. As a Rockland County family photographer, (unfailingly) I always get the question “what do you think we should wear to our photo shoots?” It’s really easy to say, don’t match. Coordinate. But, then, really what the heck does that mean? So, with the spring season upon us here in New York, and new clients booking photo sessions in the upcoming months, here ya go!

So, the rule of thumb is to choose a palate of 3-4 colors (see above). The easiest way to do this is to pull the colors from a print that one of your family members will wear. Most often this is one of the girls…sorry boys!  As in the example above, the palate of colors was taken directly from the print of the little girl’s dress. Avoid more than one bold print. Adding in a secondary, but very subtle print, in one of the chosen colors is a nice way to add some visual interest. I cannot emphasize enough the subtlety that’s needed though. We don’t want to convert all of your images to black and white because of clashing patterns. Use the colors as your framework, and have fun!

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