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Okay, I know, you all think I’m nuts. What is she talking about??? Winter is not warm. Full disclosure, one of my kids’ favorite books is called Winter is the Warmest Season. 🙂 They love it…if you are a parent, and haven’t heard of it, go look it up. It’s cute.  But, with all the awfulness that has been this never-ending winter, there have been adventures to be found. As a Nyack family photographer, I have considered it my very own personal mission to “find the light” the last few weeks. Let’s face it, in parts of the country where there are actually seasons (eh hem, snow), we get to the end of it and it’s so so soooooo difficult to really enjoy the beauty of it. Hence, the finding the light part.

And, then I catch myself thinking, well – does it really have to look that cold? I mean, there is such a beautiful, sparkly magic to winter that is often lost in photographs. We look at photographs from summer and there is almost always a vibrancy to the color…a sense of fun and energy. But, winter? Well, sure, we get peaceful, beautiful, sometimes austere images. They’re beautiful, don’t get me wrong, but I’ve really been missing out on the fun lately. Winter is magical, if you get out and enjoy it. Yeah, you’ll see the same coats and hats and scarves and gloves and boots (should I go on?), but what’s important is capturing that sense of whimsy – the fun! To quote another photographer friend of mine, you’ve got to “lasso that light.” It’s the light that’s really going to tell a dreamy & magical winter story. With one more snow storm on the horizon (here in New York), I hope you all take a moment to get out and enjoy it before it’s gone. Winter is a magical, sparkly season…just look for the light.

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