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Any time a new baby is born, is time for celebration. But, when it’s the first baby? There is so much newness to be captured beyond those ten little fingers, and ten little toes. All the sleepless nights that were never experienced. The first diaper changes. The little baby girgles and smiles…There is newness in every minute of every day of that first baby’s life. A first baby really does mark a whole new beginning.

Piermont NY

When Becky and Phil called to schedule a newborn session with their very first baby, I was excited to capture some of their first moments together as a family…dogs and all 🙂

Piermont NY

It’s hard, when we’re in the thick of the newborn phase, as parents, to slow down and take a moment to really soak up the enormity of what we have just done! But, I love when I see the weight of that monumental life event sink in and just ooze out of a new mom or dad.

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Or when I can capture the stillness of tiny hands grasping for the one person who has been there from the absolute start…Or when I witness dad’s total adoration and awe over this new little being who has already taken up so much room in their house and hearts.

Piermont NY

For such teensy tiny little things, they command such a presence.

Nyack NY

Even though all our children are unique and special, our first children are the ones that make us who we are. They make us Mom & Dad…a job that sometimes seems insurmountable, but is always what makes life an adventure.

Piermont NY

These little people come into our lives and turn everything upside down in the most wonderful way. They teach us what it means to truly love someone else unconditionally. They teach selflessness and sacrifice…humility and pride. As much as we may teach them in their lifetime; their worth is far beyond measure. They teach us what it is to be human.

Piermont NYNyack NY

Welcome to the world, Hudson! You are adored completely and utterly!

“Family isn’t an important thing; it’s everything.”
– Michael J. Fox

Natural & Emotional Nyack Newborn Photographer

Gina specializes in honest & emotive storytelling images. Using the family’s home as a backdrop for their story, she is able to create a relaxed and natural session atmosphere. Visit the Session Info page for more details.

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