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Dare I say it? Summer is winding down here, in New York. I hope you all have enjoyed the adventure & fun that summer brings. In our neck of the woods, there are always so many things to do, but (of course) never enough time to do them. I have spent the past several months largely submerged in water, working on a personal project. Titled “Learning to Swim”, it chronicles my own children’s transition away from floaties to swimming like the little fish they have become. If you like what you see, call 845-535-9683 to schedule your own family session.

As a working Nyack family photographer, time for personal projects is a rarity. So, when the opportunity presents itself, I jump on it. But, like with my client work, my personal work takes its cues from the kids. I never want it to feel like drudgery when they see me pull out the big camera. As long as it’s a game, it’s fun.  Learning to swim…seeing the world under water….it’s a magical thing. Watching my own children slowly take those big kid steps (er, cannon balls)…even better.

Enjoy the last few rays of summer sunshine today…get outside…be together…have fun…and, take your camera!


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