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Remember a week or so ago, when I shared photographs of Sweet Little Lucy? Well, here’s the final installment of the best friends newborn trio…photographing the first babies for three girlfriends was so very fun! Dan & Michelle welcomed sweet baby George to their beautiful old farmhouse and our afternoon together couldn’t have been better. Bright, sunny, and filled with some super cute baby boy giggles. Man do I wish I’d been able to record those little sounds when our kids were tiny! Though the screaming during Molly’s colic, I could still do without.

It’s amazing how much space such a tiny person can take up…and so quickly too! Even though all that space-taking sounds a bit daunting, it’s the best of feelings (unless there are dozens of loud light-up toys involved…then yes, daunting is the word). 😉

But, this afternoon, the only space little George took up was his parents’ laps for some good cuddles.

Newborns and their families make for some of my favorite sessions because everything is, well, a sort of permanent experiment. In all of the busy-ness that comes with bringing a little human earthside, I think we often forget that this is honestly the beginning of a completely different family. That’s really why photographing families with newborns in their own homes appeals to me.

Yes, it’s MUCH easier for parents because you don’t have anything to do except open the door. But, being able to see how you so naturally welcome your newest little people into your very full lives and homes is something pretty special.

Dan and Michelle, pre-George, were happy and complete with family and friends. What a lucky little guy to have landed in such a full life. And, luckier still to have parents so ready and waiting to make him the center of it!

Home is the place where we can be our true selves…be the people we might not always let the rest of the world see. That honesty is what makes in-home sessions so much more special and meaningful. We still get those beautiful swaddled images (I love them too!). Speaking of which, if you’re looking for super soft and durable swaddles, the Aden & Anais gauze swaddle blankets can’t be beat! My kids still use theirs 8.5 years later. At home, we get to use those things that mean something to you – whether that’s a swaddle or a room or special cradle that was made just for the baby…or a certain little slugger’s special baseball.

So, don’t be too quick to dismiss in-home photographs of your newest little people. Just put on your comfiest clothes, grab a cup of coffee, and open the door 🙂

Westchester NY Natural Newborn Photographer

Gina specializes in honest & emotive storytelling images. Using the family’s home as a backdrop for their story, she is able to create a relaxed and natural session atmosphere. Visit the Details page for more details.

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