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Natalie is my hero. Can we just get that out of the way? She has three boys and, at the time of our photo session, they were all under the age of 5. Twins Tanner and Tyler, and big brother Tristan are full of gusto, as any little boys worth their salt should be.

Congers Lake Boardwalk, photographs of multiples,

The high energy might be tough for some parents, but Natalie has such an ease with her little men…enjoying and laughing at their antics.

Congers Lake Boardwalk, Congers NY family photographs, photographs of multiples

At one point a goose was perilously close to being smothered by hugs. Too bad geese bite.

Congers Lake Boardwalk, Clarkstown NY, photographs of multiples,

This afternoon was so much fun. I was definitely worn out after our hour together 😉 but those boys…champion mischief-makers they are, and truly excellent break dancers!

Congers Lake Boardwalk, black and white family photography, break dancing

Congers Lake Boardwalk, child photographs, brothers

Any time I know that I’ll be photographing young children, I always look for a location that will give me options and room for the kids to play.

Congers Lake Boardwalk, outdoor photography, boy photographs

Congers Lake Boardwalk, brothers, black and white photography

A boardwalk, next to a lake, with geese, and fish, and fences to climb? Pretty good way to spend an afternoon in my book.


Rolling around on the grass doesn’t hurt either. If fun can be had, I’m all for it!

Joyful & Honest Rockland County Photographer

Gina specializes in modern & emotive family imagery. By focusing on the relationships of parents and their children, she is able to go beyond the standard pose and capture the true emotion of her clients’ relationships. Visit the Session Info page for more details.

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