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I’ve always thought Mother’s Day was a bit silly. Not because I don’t think that moms deserve a “thank you” every once in a while, but because I’ve just never felt the need for a specific day to “honor” the fact that I birthed these two people.


They are loving and thankful and thoughtful with me on a daily basis. So, while I absolutely love the handmade gifts that they have put so much thought and effort into (they made me little purses this year. Last year it was thumbprint necklaces.), I really just love spending time with them.

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Moms are an interesting group. We are constantly tired, but don’t rest. We love the loud fun, but also want quiet. We don’t mind the mess that comes with playtime, but we want a clean house. We miss the alone time we used to have with our partners, in abundance, but don’t want to leave the kids. We definitely are a study in contrasts.

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If my children have taught me anything, it’s that I should never sacrifice who I am as an individual simply because they’re here. In fact, as I’ve marched steadily through my middle-30s, my kids have shown me that my interests and passions and curiosity are essential to their own growth.

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So, if Mother’s Day is about anything for me, it’s about embracing who we are as women (not just mothers). It’s about showing our kids that no matter how old we get, or where in the world we find ourselves, we should never give up on what makes us truly inspired and happy.

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Each of the mothers that I have had the privilege to photograph this year have been the embodiment of this dedication to themselves and to their families. They are each independent, intelligent, kind, supportive women who are examples of what truly great women should be. Whether it’s a young mom finishing up med school, the military mom who is the backbone of her family throughout all their transitions, the stay-at-home mom also managing a massive home renovation, the police officer mom who manages to attend school activities between shifts, or the working mom who so expertly juggles the needs of her family and her career…each of these women is a testament to the strength and determination of mothers. While we may occasionally be a study in contrasts, we are always a study in loyalty.

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So, to all you moms out there…I hope you’re making the most of this day with your little people…and enjoying these moments and making some new memories.

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