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You know, we all have those moments – loud ones, quiet ones, the ones in between. To be honest, the in-between moments are my favorites. It’s like getting a little peek into someone else’s world. Even in my own personal photographs, I lean towards the images of my kids and family (dogs included) that aren’t perfect…that embrace the messy/loud/busy pace of our life together.

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Those little, teeny, tiny moments really do fly by (I’m embracing a tired cliche here, I know). But they do! I mean, it wasn’t that long ago that our son was immobile on the floor or that our daughter had all of her perfect little baby teeth in her head. The important things happen when we’re not paying attention.

Nyack, twins, boy girl twins, kids playing in the backyard, Gorilla playsets

So for me, as a mom and as a photographer, the images that are most special are the ones that tell the story of all those regular everyday moments…the in-between times that we’re not paying any particular attention to. I love them.

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I love being able to look back at the morning everyone was piled in our bed and still too sleepy to wake up.

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I love looking back at Wyatt cuddling with Ruby while watching a movie on a snowy day.

Nyack, Rockland County, boy and his dog

I love seeing Molly’s amazing bed head fresh from a night of sleep.

black and white child photograph, little girl, Nyack, Rockland County, Westchester NY

I love seeing the kids reading and laughing together in Wy’s room.

Nyack, twins, kids reading, kids laughing, boy girl twins, Rockland County, Westchester NY

I love watching them playing the snow…

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Or swing on the swings at the park…

swings, girl on swings, kids playing at park, Nyack, South Nyack, Rockland County, Westchester NY

Or breakdance in the kitchen.

family photographer at home, in home photographer, New York photographer, boy breakdancing

Or twirl in the river when searching for seashells at low tide.

Hudson River, Hudson Valley, Nyack, Nyack Memorial Park, girl dancing

Life’s best moments (for me, anyway) aren’t the ones that are big and planned. They’re almost always at home, in our little village. They’re messy. They’re loud. They’re mad, sad, glad, and everything in between. They’re the in-between ones that are the best. Go live them!

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Gina specializes in modern & emotive family imagery. By focusing on the relationships of parents and their children, she is able to go beyond the standard pose and capture the true emotion of her clients’ relationships. Visit the Session Info Page for more details.

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