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While I’ve been, admittedly, remiss in keeping up with the blog in the past six months, I’m honestly trying to get back on the bandwagon. And, if you’ve followed my studio Facebook or Instagram pages, you’re well aware of my family’s love affair with our dogs.

old english sheepdog, bichon puppy, big dogs, little dogs

We lost our old guy Maxx last winter and it was our kids’ first experience losing someone/something that mattered so greatly to them. My daughter still says “goodnight” to Maxx’s star every night.

documentary photographer, pet photography, family dog

Steve and the kids and I all wondered how our tiny pup, Ruby, would fare once her buddy had gone. And, it was iffy. She’s sensitive (like many little dogs are).

documentary photographer, family dog, kids and their pets, nyack family photographer

So, while we weren’t planning on getting another dog any time soon, all the sudden there was a Rufus.

old english sheepdog, family dog

family dog, nyack family photographer, old english sheepdog

Rufus is a HUGE (literally & figuratively) ball of energy. Almost 90lbs of energy to be exact. Did I mention he LOVES the water? Anytime there’s a hose or sprinkler involved, he’s your guy!

old english sheepdog, sprinklers, backyard fun, dog running, black and white pet photography, nyack family photographer

So, what’s my point in sharing all this? If you have pets that are a part of your family, I encourage you to make them a part of your family session. Yeah, it might be a little more busy, but I can 100% guarantee that those moments of your children and their furry or feathery or scaly buddies will be something on which you’ll all look back and smile. Honestly, some of my favorite images of my kids involve our dogs…there is laughter and tears…all the real stuff that makes life an adventure.

black labrador, family dog
black labrador, family dog

So, bring your pets…or let them hang out while we’re shooting in your home. But, let them be with you. You’ll always be thankful that you did.

chihuahua, family dog

Honest & Natural Nyack Family Photographer

Gina specializes in natural & emotive storytelling images. Emphasizing play and togetherness to help tell each family’s story, she is able to create an energetic and fun-filled session atmosphere. Visit the Session Info Page for more details.

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