Happy New Year: fave 18 in ’18 (client edition)

Another year come and gone…another 12 months of moments and smiles and sass. It’s a pretty amazing thing when you get the chance to peek in on someone else’s world. The importance of the trust bestowed upon me certainly is not lost. So, when I get to spend my time with clients both new and old…many of whom have become friends over the years…I’m reminded of how that trust is shared over and over again.

As a mom, a teacher, and (heck) just a human…I know it’s often a nerve-inducing thing to allow someone totally separate from you to be a part of your little family unit (even if just for a short while). You never know how it’s gonna go. Will the kids cooperate? Will it be too hot? Too cold? What if it rains? What if the haircut you just got doesn’t look the way you’d hoped? What if you didn’t lose those 5lbs you were hoping to lose? What if someone is tired? What if…what if…what if.

Here’s my two word answer to ALL of those questions: So. What.

To all those families this year who trusted me with their thousands of “what-ifs” – thank you for continuing to trust me. And, thank you for continuing to allow me into your worlds. You guys have kept me smiling and laughing all twelve months long.

Real life IS really fun…so, enjoy the trip down my 2018 Memory Ln.

18) Families begin and end with Mom and Dad. Mike and Lauren are so filled with fun and creativity…and seem to have limitless energy to keep up with their two extremely enthusiastic boys. But, this one (very) brief and quiet moment amidst the zaniness of life with a 3 and a 5 year old was perfect.

17) Isabel has the most soulful eyes. I’ve had the privilege of photographing this gorgeous girl, and her family, for the past four years. I’ve watched her grow from a tiny toddler crawling across my studio, into a big sister who’s launched herself straight into preschool. This day was so very cold and windy and she was just a trooper.

16) Evelyn is my spirit animal. True story. That little girl is full of sass and spunk and joy. And, her little brother Parker is happily along for the ride. It’s another case of photographing a family for many years and watching them grow. I met Parker for the first time before he was earth-side, and let’s just say that each time I get to see these two kiddos and their parents, it’s like old home week.

15) It’s fair to say that I find myself photographing young families more often than not. So, when I’m given the opportunity to photograph a multi-generational extended family, I jump at it. It’s a lucky thing for Nina that her grandparents are still very much with her and still steering their family’s ship. And, let me just tell you, if Florence ever invites you to her home, don’t walk. Run! I could have happily wandered the paths of her beautiful gardens for days.

14) A baby fox but and his two stunning parents at sunset, on our river. Do I really need to say anything more? Trish’s family, and this perfect fall afternoon, contributed to make this one of the most lovely 1.5 hours I’ve spent in a good long time.

14) There is nothing quite as lovely as the simplicity of a smiling hug between a mama and her little girl. Giggles are the really awesome bonus…but not unusual because, just like the next girl, I love to have fun.

12) As cute a baby bump as Claire was, watching her with her big sister Sydney is so much cuter! As the oldest of three sisters, I love seeing little girls together – there’s something so special about this relationship. Stay sweet, girlies. And, always remember, even when you piss each other off later in life, she was always your friend first.

11) The first born always brings a host of change to any family. And this little guy is no exception. The light, the smile, those adorably chubby cheeks? This is baby happiness at its best <3

10) Ty is an aspiring actor – it’s his biggest dream in life. With a personality and smile like his, I can’t help but think he’ll go far! Dream big kids! You’re only ever as small as you allow someone else to make you feel.

9) Ryann is just the most effervescent, lovely little human. She has the softest little heart filled with an ocean of love for her family.

8) The men of the house. Vlad is a great sport. It was close – they *almost* lifted him up 😉

7) Who says our brother doesn’t look like us? When Mom and Dad already have two fur kids, the newbie has some pretty special built-in babysitters. Wonder how much they charge? 😉

6) Chase is a firecracker full of energy and fun! As the oldest of three siblings, I have a soft spot for this guy right here. He’s patient and tolerant and still silly even with two younger kids following in his wake. My kids also happen to think he’s one pretty darn awesome little dude.

5) Tiny humans. Tiny doggies. And, a soft place to land. When you are mostly new to the world, the cuddles from your favorite family members make life so much more fun.

4) Jan Brady had it totally wrong – the middle child rules the roost. Harley lets her brothers (big and little) know who’s boss.

3) Little people and their newest littler people. Tiny hands, tinier smiles. Everett, you’re going to be such an awesome big brother! Make sure you don’t forget to share your “mans”.

2) They call her “the crazy lady”, but I dunno. I think her tiniest human just might be giving her (and their dad) a run for her biscuits. And, they have the nicest mommy on the planet – their dad is one lucky dude 🙂

My favorite image of the year is one that encapsulates everything a family should be at its best: silly, energetic, fun, stuffed to the brim with the people and pets that make it special. It’s not about the perfect hair or the right outfit; it’s always only about who you are together.

So, while I do love photographing my own family. I also love photographing yours. It’s a privilege to be a part of your day, and to see you how you might not always see yourselves…as a unit made of color and emotion and light.

Honest & Natural Lower Hudson Valley Family Photographer

Gina specializes in natural & emotive storytelling images. Using carefully chosen locations to provide a backdrop for each family’s story, she is able to create an adventurous and fun-filled session atmosphere. Visit the Details Page for session information.

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