Happy New Year: fave 18 in ’18 (personal edition)

In 2018, I found myself weaving in and out of creative ruts in my personal photography. Part of this was due to the massive family film project that the kids and I undertook for 4.5 months of the year (for which my still photography took a back seat), but the rest is all on me. In spite of this, we had a year filled with all the feelings. So, looking back, my favorite personal images pretty well encapsulate that ebb and flow of living. I give you, my fave personal 18 in ’18.

18) Summer, water, and Wyatt. If you need him in the months of May, June, July, or August…chances are this is where you will find him. Fathoms below.

17) Winter really is my favorite season. It’s not uncommon to find me outside in near zero temperatures, photographing…something. This past winter, I was determined to attempt making frozen bubbles with my kids. After some trial and error, and some VERY cold hands, we found success! I love the way the light glowed through it and the light frost feathers that bloomed across it just before it popped.

16) These two go together like ice cream and hot fudge. She is his favorite cuddle buddy & he is her favorite dress-up doll. I will never get tired of seeing my tiny people with their great big doggies.

15) When you challenge Dad to a cannon ball contest, but accidentally become the cannon ball. Not sure who won here, but this is a moment in time that I am so glad I froze. It’s just happy.

14) Wyatt and Steve have butted heads on more than one occasion. But, there is such a gigantic soft spot for this little blonde boy in his dad’s heart. Steve remains Wyatt’s favorite jungle gym and space heater.

14) When I’m in a rut, or find myself at loose ends, I head out to my garden with my macro lens & my coffee (or wine, let’s be honest). Sitting in a puddle is worth it, if I can come away a little bit calmer and with something that makes me smile.

12) Second grade was REALLY hard. So, their smiles and laughter on this first morning of third grade eased that ache of worry. They’ve kicked third grade’s butt, btw. Onward and upward, miniCoopers!

11) It’s not often that he’s still, but when he is, I get this…a quick glimpse into the kindest little heart of anyone I know. He wears his heart on his sleeve and his thoughts in his gorgeous gray eyes.

10) I love irises, but I hate squirrels. You know why? The squirrels have eaten every single iris (or tulip or hyacinth or whatever grows from a bulb) that I have ever tried to plant. So, every Spring, I’m the village crazy lady stalking other people’s gardens full of blooms.

9) My friend Pam invited me to her beach house this summer for a few days of fun and cameras. We flew drones, we played with gimbals, we walked on the beach…and I listened to the most violent thunderstorm I think I’ve ever witnessed. Sunrise the morning after was just spectacularly peaceful.

8) Channeling his inner Jerry Lewis when he makes a duck face, winks, and says “heeyyyy, ladies!” I love his sense of fun – he has the best giggles.

7) Another from my time at Pam’s. The boardwalk the morning after the storm.

6) She’s quiet about what she feels, and guards those feelings fiercely. But, once she lets you in…her world is magical.

5) I honestly don’t have any idea why they were both in the bath tub with their clothes on…in the middle of the day. But, they were, and they were laughing hysterically. It’s the best soundtrack.

4) Don’t let her quiet and softness fool you; this girl has a spine of steel. I love her determination and imagination…she makes my life a more colorful place.

3) Mischief managed. He’s got it totally under control.

2) My favorite photo bomb in the history of ever. Rufus wins.

1) My favorite image of the year is one that surprised me. Steve and the kids took me to The Color Factory for my birthday and it was just so much fun. After an emotional summer, this was a great way to turn things around. Thumbs up for what lies ahead in 2019.

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