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While the winter brings a lot of snow here, in New York, it also brings with it time to focus on a few personal projects and time to reflect on some of my favorite child and family photographs from the previous year. Whenever I speak to a new client for the first time, one of my very first questions is “how many children do you have?”  The dynamics of siblings together always makes for an interesting and energetic session. It’s for this reason, specifically, that photographing brothers and sisters interacting with each other tops my list of most favorite things to capture. Even when they’re being mischievous or antagonizing one another, there is just something so honest and fun about the way siblings relate to each other. And, no matter how old they get, that connection is still there.

These two brothers LOVE (big, puffy heart love) their cousin. Can you tell? It’s honest and playful interactions like these that make for a fun session. As a Westchester County family photographer, my clients have younger children more often than not, at this particular session, three of the “kids” weren’t such kids anymore. As these three move into adulthood, their mother asked me to make sure I captured them together. Family is family, no matter how young or old. And, the love between these three siblings made for a beautiful photograph.

The lesson here is, when photographing your own children or having portraits professionally done, the most important thing to capture is the connection. Whether they’re loving each other or giving each other the stink eye at that moment in time, the connection between siblings is what makes for a truly great image.

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