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The #1 best thing about being a family photographer, is all the families I get to meet. Our family has firmly exited the newborn, toddlerhood, and preschool periods. So, when I get the chance to photograph families with young children, it’s like I get to push the “rewind” button for a little while. Not unlike being able to rewind, photographing families with older children is like getting a sneak peek into the future. I love giving families the opportunity to just have fun with one another, maybe explore someplace new, and preserve what life was like then. It sounds terribly cliche, but it’s so true. My goal is just to have fun whenever I have somebody in front of my camera. If we can have fun, everything else false into place.
So, I give to you my favorite 15 client images of 2015. Many of these sessions have yet to be blogged (eek!), so enjoy the preview.

15) Miss Isabel and her mommy & daddy came up to the studio just before Christmas. At 9 months old, she has the perfect chubby cheeks and most excellent piggy tails. She didn’t stop smiling for one second during our time together. And, dad knows just how to entertain his little girl, “Icky sticky, Isabel!!!”

Garnerville Arts Center

14) Peter “the great” has a sister. A twin sister. And this in-home session was all about these two little nuggets at that exact moment in their lives. What I loved about this session, aside from the family video we also made, was John and Katie’s obvious enjoyment at just spending a lovely cold afternoon playing with their kids. Seeing how these two piled their pillows and blankets on the floor for a nap time cuddle, watching Peter play catch, and hearing Juliette sing “Itsy Bitsy Spider” – it was toddlerhood in two hours 🙂

Blauvelt, twin boys, family photographs, toddlers

13) Greyson is a doll. His mommy is a doctor. His daddy is literally trying to help the world, one kid at a time. And, Greyson is a smiling happy doll. I got to see this family twice this year and watch how he changed in between. There were dogs, and drool, and smiles. Lots of smiles.

Yonkers, NYC family photographs, infancy

12) Let me say this, Matthew has KILLER baby blues. The kind that are going to melt hearts when he’s older, and maybe a few right now 🙂 We saw sheep, we played till we started sweating, ran up hills and then down again…we saw deer in the sunset. It was an awesome evening! Seriously awesome!

Rockwood Hall State Park, outdoor family photographs, Sleepy Hollow

11) Yup. It was so excellent that two from this session are among my favorites for the year. I love the sweet, quiet moment between Brooke and Matthew here…just after spinning around in circles like a couple of crazies. Something as simple as a little spin. We’re never too old.

Rockwood Hall State Park, mother son photos,  BW child photography, Sleepy Hollow

10) Sarah and Will are transplants…from my home state! Go Lakers! It was a fun morning up at the studio. Wrangling three kids can be challenging at times, but it’s nothing a little bed jumping and some vanilla oreo cookies can’t fix! Oh, and sprinkle pancakes at my favorite Nyack diner afterwards. I hope you guys loved them!!!

Garnerville Arts Center, sisters, Rockland County, family photographs

9) Tiffany is a friend of mine and she graciously allowed me to film our session together for part of my online workshop that I teach. Cristiana was up for anything I suggested (that’s what happens when you’re 4 and adorable!). So, while it might not have been the most natural thing to dance in the middle of an open field to “Happy”, that’s precisely what we did. Because the kids had fun. I love that Chris was unsure what to do at first but then followed his little girl’s lead. It. Was. Excellent! Picnicking afterwards always makes for a perfect end to the day.

Rockwood Hall State Park, outdoor family photographs, Sleepy Hollow

8) This family of 4 was quiet and inquisitive and quite obviously loved spending time together. Maria’s brood of boys swirled around her and she was utterly unfazed. I enjoyed hunting for the moon with them and hearing about the boys’ favorite (and not so favorite) teachers!

Pierson Park, outdoor family photographs, Tarrytown

7) Griffin. Griffin. Griffin. Already a Razorbacks fan from birth, this little man is the newest addition to Nyack. Big, happy, and healthy…with a gorgeous mommy and totally devoted dad. It’s a pretty great way to start the ride!

Nyack, Nyack NY, newborn photographer

6) Greyson got me again. Chris and Taryn are lighthearted, caring people and so is their little dude. His happiness just doesn’t end. Even an enormous colony of miner bees didn’t phase him (though the adults were certainly quick to run away, me included).

Rockwood Hall State Park, outdoor family photographs, Westchester NY, Sleepy Hollow

5) I just loved this. Tatyana & Gene and their two kids were proof positive that we can still be close with our children even thru the teenage years! They played tag (yes, you read that right), dipped their feet in a creek, and just wandered together. A mom’s hand is always ready to hold, no matter when or where.

Rockwood Hall State Park, outdoor family photographs, Westchester NY, Sleepy Hollow

4) So, Albert is 5…and as most 5 year old boys do, he has lots of energy. Connor, the baby of the family, wasn’t far behind him. And, then there is sweet beautiful Elsie. Quiet and shy, especially after slipping on a rock…but still ready to be present with her family. I love how her face lights up at her brothers’ crazy antics.

Pierson Park, outdoor family photographs, Tarrytown

3) Hannah and Ryann. Magazine-worthy in every single way. Hannah had energy enough for both her brother and sister. Ryann had the most gorgeous smile and the best giggle. And, the two of them together? Golden!

Garnerville Arts Center, sisters, Rockland County, family photographs

2) Hudson is almost one year old now! But, one of my favorite images from this year was taken while he was still brand new! The family cradle, the Hudson River behind them…even the dogs Ticket & Minnie chomping on bones on the sidelines. Newness never gets old and it’s something we should all try to remember.

newborn, family photographs, Piedmont, Nyack

1) My favorite image of the year is a quiet one. There’s no show-stopping scenery, or jaw-dropping light. It’s a quiet moment of Lisa and her oldest little boy, Andrew. The love mothers have for their children isn’t always flashy or colorful or loud. It’s quiet and constant and persistent. It doesn’t go away. Nor will she.

Garnerville Arts Center, mother son photographs, Rockland County, family photographs

So, while I do love photographing my own family. I also love photographing yours. It’s a privilege to be a part of your day, and to see you how you might not always see yourselves…as a unit made of color and emotion and light.

Honest & Natural Nyack Family Photographer

Gina specializes in natural & emotive storytelling images. Using carefully chosen locations to provide a backdrop for each family’s story, she is able to create an adventurous and fun-filled session atmosphere. Visit the Session Info page for more details.

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