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I am woefully behind on blogging. So, in an effort to catch up, I’d like to share a few favorites from a session I shot for Tiffany and her family. They were gracious enough to also allow me to film it for the workshop I teach.

Rockwood Hall State Park

It was a postcard perfect day. Sun-filled afternoon skies. Wide, grassy fields. Old oak trees. A precocious four year old and her adorably cuddly little brother. They were ready to play and up for anything I threw at them.

Rockwood Hall State Park

When I photograph families with small children, I always look for space. For things to keep them interested and active, so that we can avoid stiff poses. I’m a person who loves movement in my images. Maybe even a little bit more than light.

Movement of hair…

Rockwood Hall State Park

Movement of hands…

Rockwood Hall State Park

Movement of feet…

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And, always some sort of connection between the family members…

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So, this particular day, when I played a few songs that I knew the kids liked, I got all of that movement married with beautiful light in just a few frames. Dancing in the park like kids, with the kids. It was perfect.

Rockwood Hall State Park, mother child photographs, black and white child photography

Chris is a hobbyist photographer as well, so he was interested in the method to my madness. I kind of geek out over this stuff, so any time someone wants to talk shop for a few minutes, I’m more than game. Particularly if it helps a dad of two such adorable babes feel more confident in his images.

Rockwood Hall State Park, outdoor child photographs, dandelion blowing, colorful little girl photographs

A picture-perfect afternoon, with a picture-perfect family!

Honest & Joyful Westchester NY Family Photographer

Gina specializes in colorful & modern storytelling images. Using carefully chosen outdoor locations to provide a backdrop for each family’s story, she is able to create an adventurous and fun-filled session atmosphere. Visit the Session Info page for more details.

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