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Okay, I kind of can’t help this one. Sometimes, it just clicks. The other night, she came downstairs in her ballerina tutu that Grandma gave her for Christmas (her present from us was ballet classes), and asked if she could do a dance for me. Um, yes!

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My clients have heard me say this a million times: just let the kids do their thing. If we can make a game out of it, then the session runs smoothly and everyone has fun. Being a working Nyack family photographer, putting this into practice with clients is automatic for me. BUT, I really really have to remind myself to do this with my own kids. Sometimes, I get an idea in my head and try to force it but that almost never works out. Really, I’m just proving myself right here. I should listen to myself more 😉

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That night, I wanted to photograph her under the streetlight outside. But, “it’s cold mommy!” “I don’t want to, mommy! Let’s play ponies.” We were both frustrated. So I caved. We stayed. We played. And then she came downstairs and did this.

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And for those of you who think my house is perfectly clean and wonderfully spacious with lots of gorgeous light, you couldn’t be more wrong. I have twin 4.5 year olds. There are constantly Legos and Barbies and dress-up clothes and trucks on the floor. Our house is small, and the living room is truly like a cave. So, if you think you could never have family pictures taken in your home, respectfully, you’re wrong. You can and should. While I absolutely love love love photographing outside (or at my studio), photographing at home allows you to be relaxed and helps tell the story of your family even more clearly. Bad lighting and messes be damned 😉

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So, the moral of the story here is: let your kids be your guide. Don’t force them to do things just for a picture. It pretty much never gets you what you want. It doesn’t capture who they are as people at this point in their lives. And, well, it looks forced. As a very type-A person, going with the flow is sometimes really hard for me, so I get it. I really do. But, when we can embrace their personalities and opinions, sometimes we just get magic. And, try to embrace that magic a little more in your own homes. If you’d like to incorporate those messes and that space, however much of it you have, into your story Contact Us today to schedule your session.

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