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Okay, I have been remiss…seriously remiss in updating my blog this past month. Spring has a way of turning into a tornado of activity…fast!

But, I did have the absolute joy to photograph the Joseph family on one of the first real days of Spring. In our area, there is so much to do and see outdoors, particularly in the warmer months. So, I brought them to one of my new favorite places to photograph children and families in Nyack. This little beach backs right up to the mountains and offers some spectacular vistas of the Hudson and pretty light-filled little meadows. ::happy sigh:: If you like what you see, call 845-535-9683 to schedule your own family session.

When location scouting, I always look for space and the opportunity to let those tiny little feet run. After all, what good is a family photo session if it’s not fun. Well, Miss Andrea and Mr. James brought their A games. They were not shy about putting their personalities out their on display – it was awesome. Andrea was full of sass (the good kind, not the crabby get away from me kind). She is miss independent but still has that soft spot for her mama. James was a fireball of energy, as any self-respecting toddler should be. And Mom and Dad could not have been more easy going, content to let their kids enjoy the outdoors and enjoy watching them have fun. This is one of the reasons I love photographing families and children so much. It offers a unique glimpse into the most basic emotional relationships we have – parent and child.

A friend of mine recently told me that my own kids will “have the most awesome Throwback Thursday photos when they’re older.” I really hope that I can give those same kinds of memories to my clients…sharing a few hours is small in the grand scheme of things, but (however cliche it may sound), being able to photograph those those few hours so that they are able to look back on the people they were then is important. Even if it’s with a phone, we should all make the effort to be more present, to try and preserve those memories because time does have a way of speeding by.

Joseph family – this Nyack family photographer thinks you guys are pretty excellent! I hope the afternoon was as much fun for you as it was for me 🙂

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