A Baby Changes Everything – Westchester NY Family Photographer

I have had the privilege of photographing Greyson (and his mom and dad) twice now in his little life. There are so many monumental changes that occur within those first few months, and his parents wanted to document everything.

Westchester NY Family Photographer

Especially since their families are so very far away (this tugs at my heart as my own kids don’t have the luxury of having their relatives nearby)…documenting growth and change takes on an even more pivotal role.

Westchester NY Family Photographer

But, even with all that distance, there’s no denying how loved this little guy is by so many. Perennially happy and joyful, he was content to be cuddled and loved in the sunshine. It just doesn’t get better.

Westchester NY Family Photographer

From his sweet rosy cheeks to his sparkly brown eyes, Mr. G is one of the happiest little guys I’ve had the pleasure to meet in recent years.

Rockwood Hall NY

I hope that wonder at the world never leaves you, little guy. It’s a big place, to be sure, but so much better with sweet new people like you in it!

Rockwood Hall NY

Honest & Joyful Westchester NY Family Photographer

Gina specializes in colorful & modern storytelling images. Using carefully chosen outdoor locations to provide a backdrop for each family’s story, she is able to create an adventurous and fun-filled session atmosphere. Visit the Session Info page for more details.

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