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Melanie first called me to take headshots last fall, as she is a local real estate agent (look her up if you’re in the market for a new home!). So, I was enormously excited when she reached out again, but this time to photograph her newborn son.




Baby John is the newest super cute addition to this adorable family…of all boys. But, what made this one of my favorite sessions, was his older brother Nick. I really really love photographing newborns and their siblings – it *might* be my favorite type of subject to photograph, actually.

brothers, newborn, newborn baby, baby boy


There’s so much change and newness for everyone. Capturing a sibling’s reaction to the long-awaited arrival of this tiny little human is the whipped cream to my sundae. The swing of emotions excitement, boredom, curiosity, a wee bit of jealousy….it’s all there on display.


When parents call me to schedule a newborn session, I’m invariably asked if I can also include images of the other family members as well. Ummm, yes! That’s not even a question in my mind. The focus might be on the new little bundle, but for me? The important stuff lies in how the family has just grown and changed. That, of course, includes mom and dad and sisters and brothers and, yes, even the family pets.


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Family is what we make of it. Big, little, quiet, loud. But, it’s important that we make images that show who your family is at that moment. Baby John was certainly the star of the show, but his supporting cast of characters are equally relevant.

newborn, baby boy, father and son, black and white newborn photography

newborn, baby boy, mother and child, black and white newborn photography

Melanie, Nick, Nick, and Baby John…enjoy the newness. Embrace the craziness. Hold on tight to all those cuddles. And, may this first trip around the sun be an immensely joyful one!

Natural & Emotional Rockland County Newborn Photographer

Gina specializes in honest & emotive storytelling images. Using the family’s home as a backdrop for their story, she is able to create a relaxed and natural session atmosphere. Visit the Session Info page for more details.

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