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2014 was a truly fantastic year! Because I only take a limited number of clients, I’m thankful that my calendar was full and I had the chance to meet so many wonderful families. From pretend frogs losing their pants mid-hop in the forest, to massive 33-person family get togethers…I’m always blown away by the sense of fun and honesty that each of my clients share. This year, we climbed trees. We played a rowdy game of Red Light-Green Light. We played with a goose. We had dance parties outside. We sang our favorite songs. We went swimming. We just had fun.

Being a Westchester County family photographer, when (let’s face it) there are dozens to choose from, I’m humbled that the families I photograph have chosen me. I’m horribly behind on blogging all of your sessions (I’ll get caught up eventually, I promise), so until then; enjoy a look back at all the excitement 2014 brought to us. The smiles, curious looks, mischief and energy of your families have brought smiles to me as I’ve sat and prepared them all for you over the course of the year. I hope they’ve brought you equal amounts of happiness.

With a great many thanks for your trust, friendship and willingness to explore…

Call to schedule your next family session and we’ll see you in 2015!

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