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When I was in high school, we were able to participate in a senior class retreat called Kairos. It was a four-day retreat that culminated in the students’ return to their families amidst applause and newfound self-awareness. And, within the bucolic and idyllic confines of that four-day retreat, kids (hopefully) came to know what it is to “Live the Fourth”

We have all endured the small hurts of everyday life…the avoidance, the exclusion, the forget. But the point to living the fourth is not to ignore them but to instead acknowledge them and try to do better…if not for ourselves, then for our kids.

As I sit here, on July 3rd, the irony is not lost on me that the most important 4th day of any month of the year will occur tomorrow. And, I’m harkened back to what it means to “Live the Fourth.

In essence, we be our best selves…we remember the lessons we’ve been taught. We take them to heart. We do our best to appreciate the small moments of the normal everyday…and we say “thank you.” That thank you feels so enormously big on a day like July 4th. It is, unarguably, my favorite holiday of the year. It always has been. I love the pomp and circumstance…the small town parades…the family togetherness…the remembrance…the tradition…I. Love. It. All.

But, what I don’t love, is the divisiveness that pervades our current social climate. The emotional rigor of my Kairos retreat, albeit so many years ago, taught me to value differences and differing opinions. It taught me to appreciate the unimaginable ways we can each positively impact each other’s lives. It taught me to slow down and think before I speak (or type)…It taught me to live the fourth. To try to think about each day as if it were my last. To ensure that each of my friends and family knows how important he or she is to me.  To be truthful, there are days that I am far more successful with this than others.

But, when a friend from elementary school takes time out of her busy travel schedule to visit me and my family, from 2,000 miles away? It’s a reminder to live the fourth. When my sister calls me to say “Hey, pal” after not having talked for a week, it’s a reminder to live the fourth. When a friend from high school, calls to say she was thinking about me and had a few minutes to talk on her long LA commute home, it’s a reminder to live the fourth.

It’s a reminder to be a better version of myself. To uphold the ideals I espouse to my kids…to be honest, to be kind, to be persistent, to be available.

So, America, let’s live this Fourth…let’s make this next year of our country’s birth a better one than it saw before. Let’s find a way to listen…to understand…to be tolerant and accepting…to be strong and steadfast. Because, we can. If there ever was a country on a continent, on a planet, in a galaxy, in a universe that could do it; it is us. Let’s use our voices to champion our strengths…use our voices to uplift our weaknesses. We are certainly not without our faults, but we are nothing if not dogged in our persistence.

Happy birthday, America! Live this fourth!


Honest & Natural Nyack Photographer

Gina specializes in natural & emotive storytelling images. Emphasizing play and togetherness to help tell each family’s story, she is able to create an energetic and fun-filled session atmosphere. Visit the Session Info Page for more details.

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8 Will Be Great – Candid New York Family Photographer

It’s been a year – 365 wakeups since I last sat to write this letter. 365 goodnight hugs and kisses and wishes for dreams. 365 days to watch the two of you form a partnership marked by mischief, laughter, loyalty, and fun.

When you have a sibling, they say you have a built-in friend. What they don’t say is that you have someone who will forever challenge and champion you simultaneously. This past year, you two have learned the power of compromise and the importance of compassion. 7 challenged each of you in unexpected ways, and brought you together in a (mostly) united front. You have learned to lean on each other when things seemed hard. And, you have learned to share your ideas and appreciate creativity even when it is not your own. 

While you are still very much your own independent little people, the two of you have become…well..You. You have fostered a resiliency and perseverance and confidence in your relationship with each other that has made your dad and I so proud.

Wyatt, think about how much you have learned. You have always been outgoing and strong, the one who keeps us laughing at even the most inappropriate times. But, to watch you become more confident in your own abilities…to sluff off the not so nice things that kids sometimes say a bit more easily. To really know that you are capable. That has been the most wonderful thing to witness this year. There is just so much happiness and joy that spills out of you. There hasn’t been a day when you’ve failed to make us smile.  

This year, you have helped your sister to laugh a little more freely. 

You have realized the power of your words.

And, you have let your adventurous spirit take root.

Molly, while this past year presented some hurdles, you haven’t given up. “Can’t” just isn’t a part of your vocabulary. You have braved some tough social stuff, sometimes alone, but always with honesty. Your willingness to listen and your openness to new ideas is something us grownups could learn from. To watch you become more confident in your strength and to realize your value as a friend were the best parts of seven. You have a tenacity for life that is limitless. 

This year, you have helped your brother to feel more confident in what he knows. 

You have found comfort and joy in the power of music. 

You have braved the world, my girl. 

So, this marks the beginning of your eighth year, my Twinkles. 8 sounds so big, but you’re still so small. Watching you both grow into your own has been the absolute privilege of my life. My wish for you during this next dance around the sun is that you never lose your sense of wonder….that you find comfort in your creativity, inspiration in your adventures, and the freedom to be yourselves. 

You are more loved than you will ever know. Happy birthday to my big kids. Mama & Daddy love you so. 



Joyful & Candid New York Family Photographer

Gina specializes in modern & emotive family imagery. By focusing on the relationships of parents and their children, she is able to go beyond the standard pose and capture the true emotion of her clients’ relationships. Visit the Session Info Page for more details

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The 7th Year – Candid New York Family Photographer

You are 7. The time has passed so quickly and slowly all at once. You have tumbled and twirled your ways thru life with an enthusiasm that is at turns hilarious and exhausting. You have shown more kindness in your brief years of awareness than most adults I know. I am proud to have shared even a small part in your worlds.

Molly, my independent thinker. You are curious and kind. You are fiercely loyal and bold in your attempts at living. You are a watcher. Nothing gets past you. Dad and I have even resorted to speaking Spanish to try and keep a few things secret 😉

You have a stubborn streak a mile wide, but it will serve you well in life. You know when it’s important to stick to your guns and I’m so proud of that. But, you have also learned when to bend. That has been a hard, and sometimes frustrating, lesson for you this year. But, you know the importance of understanding others and valuing their opinions as you do your own.

You are a shrewd judge of character and can spot a disingenuous person a mile away…and you promptly steer clear. Your love of dirt and gardening and all things bug-related has had me both wildly excited (I really love our afternoons gardening together) and secretly grossed out. If you bring one more nightcrawler into this house, my little buttercup, this mommy just might have a heart attack 😉 I’m glad you’ve found a way to rehome your slimy not-so-little friends…Outside buckets are perfect for dirt and worms.

This year, you have lived your life in song. You sing any where, any time, any day. Your voice is beautiful. I hope you never stop singing or using that wonderful voice of yours to help people. You are a wonder, my Molly Joy. I am in awe of your steadfast spirit. I hope #7 brings an abundance of Joy to you, because you have brought an ocean full of it to your dad and me.

Wyatt, my soft-hearted wild man. You are a firecracker, with your dad’s sense of humor. You really do have the very best giggle. I love the amount of happiness you find every day. Sometimes, it can be hard to focus on the good moments when so much else in the world seems gray. But, your world is yellow.

You are a rainbow of colors and emotions, with all of the energy to match. There’s not much about you that is secret. You wear your heart on your sleeve and your thoughts in your mouth. That honesty is one of the most wonderful parts of you. You are not afraid to share your love with your friends and family – you bring happiness wherever you run.

You are a whirling dervish of activity, but give the best cuddles. Your morning hugs are the thing I look forward to most at the start of each day. And, while you always promise to help me with building projects, you somehow manage to go missing just at the start. 😉 You are a brave boy, Wyatt. You don’t let fear hold you back and confront those scary things head on. I am amazed by you.

The past year has been one of ups and downs for you, and your dad and I have watched a chink in your confidence appear. Wyatt, you are capable. You are every bit as good as your sister and your friends. So, when things seem hard and frustration feels too big. Take a step back and breathe. Go run outside, listen to some music, build a robot. Then try again. You haven’t given up yet…Mom and Dad will always be here rooting you on. Your persistence and drive to learn more is so inspiring. It reminds me to keep going even when I feel like I can’t.

My Twinkles. You are 7. The past several months, I’ve caught myself worrying that I only have 11 more years left with you. While I am nervous and sad that one day you will leave to start lives of your own, I’m also so excited to see what those lives hold for you! You have so much goodness and kindness and energy and passion to share with the world. We’ve weathered a lot together…Dad and I will always be here. For a hug. To cheer you on. To listen. To talk. To play. To help. No matter where you go, there I will be. Always.

Happiest of birthdays to the most amazing humans I’ve ever known. I’m so proud of who you are and who you are becoming. The world is a better place with you two in it.

Love you so much,

Joyful & Candid New York Family Photographer

Gina specializes in modern & emotive family imagery. By focusing on the relationships of parents and their children, she is able to go beyond the standard pose and capture the true emotion of her clients’ relationships. Visit the Session Info Page for more details.

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Moments Flown By – Rockland County Child Photographer

You know, we all have those moments – loud ones, quiet ones, the ones in between. To be honest, the in-between moments are my favorites. It’s like getting a little peek into someone else’s world. Even in my own personal photographs, I lean towards the images of my kids and family (dogs included) that aren’t perfect…that embrace the messy/loud/busy pace of our life together.

new york lifestyle photographer, candid family photographer, bichon frise, shitzu, snow day, family dog, dog jumping

Those little, teeny, tiny moments really do fly by (I’m embracing a tired cliche here, I know). But they do! I mean, it wasn’t that long ago that our son was immobile on the floor or that our daughter had all of her perfect little baby teeth in her head. The important things happen when we’re not paying attention.

Nyack, twins, boy girl twins, kids playing in the backyard, Gorilla playsets

So for me, as a mom and as a photographer, the images that are most special are the ones that tell the story of all those regular everyday moments…the in-between times that we’re not paying any particular attention to. I love them.

twins, boy girl twins, snow day, in home photographer, Nyack, Rockland County, Westchester NY, Hudson Valley

I love being able to look back at the morning everyone was piled in our bed and still too sleepy to wake up.

in home photographer, family at home, family dog, old english sheepdog, twins, family cuddles

I love looking back at Wyatt cuddling with Ruby while watching a movie on a snowy day.

Nyack, Rockland County, boy and his dog

I love seeing Molly’s amazing bed head fresh from a night of sleep.

black and white child photograph, little girl, Nyack, Rockland County, Westchester NY

I love seeing the kids reading and laughing together in Wy’s room.

Nyack, twins, kids reading, kids laughing, boy girl twins, Rockland County, Westchester NY

I love watching them playing the snow…

twins, boy girl twins, kids playing in the snow, snowball fight, winter, Nyack Memorial Park, Nyack, Rockland County, Westchester NY, Hudson River, Hudson Valley

Or swing on the swings at the park…

swings, girl on swings, kids playing at park, Nyack, South Nyack, Rockland County, Westchester NY

Or breakdance in the kitchen.

family photographer at home, in home photographer, New York photographer, boy breakdancing

Or twirl in the river when searching for seashells at low tide.

Hudson River, Hudson Valley, Nyack, Nyack Memorial Park, girl dancing

Life’s best moments (for me, anyway) aren’t the ones that are big and planned. They’re almost always at home, in our little village. They’re messy. They’re loud. They’re mad, sad, glad, and everything in between. They’re the in-between ones that are the best. Go live them!

Joyful & Honest Rockland County Child Photographer

Gina specializes in modern & emotive family imagery. By focusing on the relationships of parents and their children, she is able to go beyond the standard pose and capture the true emotion of her clients’ relationships. Visit the Session Info Page for more details.

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Hey Baby – Rockland County Newborn Photographer

They say a baby changes everything. They are right! Super cute Daphne bounced into this world, and landed smack dab in the middle of the best family ever. Seriously, she hit the grandpa goldmine! But, this little dewdrop is just as sweet and adorable as they come. My own kids are totally smitten with her because, as they put it, “she’s always so happy!”

dockland county newborn photographer, newborn, baby girl, black and white child photo

In-home newbies have become my honest to goodness favorite type of session over the past several years…for a couple of reasons. I love that dazed wonder that happens after a new person comes home. A healthy mix of fear and excitement all rolled into one. It is at turns heartwarming and hilarious. You can’t capture all of that mixed up emotion in a studio. It needs to be at home.

Nyack photographer, Rockland County photographer, newborn, mother and child photograph, black and white newborn

I also really love being able to capture the controlled chaos that inevitably seems to erupt with a new birth. There are diapers and wipes and dishes in the sink and toys on the floor and sometimes older siblings straining for attention too. Life is messy and wonderful. It’s great. It’s family. While those dishes or clutter certainly fade to the background, they are still an element of the story.

Rockland County photographer, NY newborn photographer, family with baby, family with dogs, baby and dogs

I think that’s what appeals to me most. When shooting an in-home newborn session, I get to tell a complete story…one filled with such enormous emotion and hope. It’s the best of beginnings.

Nyack photographer, Rockland County newborn photographer, Westchester NY newborn photographer, baby feet, black and white newborn, mothers hands

father daughter, baby girl, newborn and dad

father daughter, baby girl, newborn and dad

So, baby Daphne is a doll. She is the center of her mama and daddy’s world. And, she has two fur sisters who are quietly inquisitive about this new little bundle. On a dark rainy day, I got to spend the morning with this entire crew. Filled with so many quiet loving moments and lots of laughter. And, yes, there were dishes in the sink.

father daughter, baby girl, newborn and parents

Joyful & Honest Rockland County Newborn Photographer

Gina specializes in modern & emotive family imagery. By focusing on the relationships of parents and their children, she is able to go beyond the standard pose and capture the true emotion of her clients’ relationships. Visit the Session Info Page for more details.

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