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The First Decade

This wasn’t precisely how I saw your tenth birthday going…the big double digits! But, then, nothing about your lives has ever really gone according to how we thought it would. And that’s okay. No, there might not be a party with friends, and there might not be family…but there’s you two. That’s what matters.

This year, you guys have oscillated between being best buddies and bickering like Ralph and Alice Kramden (look them up). But, you have always always had each other’s backs. Woe to the person who tries hurt one of you because the other will rise to the defense as surely as the sun rises each day. I love that even though you might irritate the heck out of one another, you always have a sense of equity and a care for each other. You take the rewards and the consequences of life together. It’s my favorite thing to see.

This year, you both dove headfirst into your own fantasy world…and it is beautifully colored. From dragons and your book of magical creatures, to fantasy books that you can’t get your noses out of, and your plans for the Twin Shack headquarters. I’ve loved watching the sense of whimsy and imagination that has flavored this last trip around the sun.

Wyatt, this year you have become an avid reader. You’ve sunk your teeth into Tom Sawyer, the Wings of Fire series, El Defo, and Because of Winn Dixie. The thing they all have in common is that they tell the stories of the underdog. It’s your sense of justice and fairness shining through. You have a knack for understanding why people do the things they do, and the feelings that go along with it. You are not only kind, but you are such an empathetic human. It will always be my favorite part of you.

You continue to be a tinkerer, not one to sit still. You prefer to fill your time dreaming up the “most magnificent thing.” Please don’t ever let anyone tell you that your ideas are small or worthless, because they’re not. Those ideas will take you on some wonderful adventures.

This year has also been inscribed with your drawings. I love the flip books of characters you create. They are as fun and funny as you are. In addition to your art, you’ve delved into basketball with gusto. Your energy on the court is so fun to watch! And seeing your smile the first time you scored a basket in practice made me so happy because it wasn’t just me feeling proud of you. You were proud of you!

During the last 365 days, you’ve become a strategist…and a fierce Mancala opponent! Gone are the days when I have to help you determine your path. You’ve observed and studied and have learned how to come out on top…not just in the game either. And, with your continued adventures in Boy Scouts, you’ve learned the importance of finishing what you start.

Molly, your dreams got so big this year. You’ve become a prolific storyteller and have created so many vivid worlds that are filled with magical moments and creatures. I am in awe of your imagination; it is a wondrous place with stories and feelings more fantastical and inspirational than any I could ever dream up. But, I love most that you’ve learned to have fun with it…that it’s become not just a refuge for you in hard times, but also a place of whimsy and humor. Keep laughing.

Your songs have filled up our house. Though your brother might wish otherwise on occasion, I love hearing your voice. I love that you try to express your emotions through your music. I love that you have found the artistry and fun of your own instrument.

Your love of the sea and of sea otters has turned into something of an obsession this year. Your curiosity and thirst to know more, and do more to help, has seen you blossoming into a happy earth warrior. You’ve become so conscious of the world around you, and of ways that you can make a difference. Try not to get so stuck in what we’re doing wrong when you’re worrying about what we could all be doing better. Remember to find the joy in this journey to learn and do more.

This year, you have become so comfortable with who you are, even if that means you’re not part of the “popular crowd.” I’ve watched you embrace the parts of you that make you unique (your love of all things dirt among them)…and I’ve watched as you’ve finally realized that these are the very things that make you special.

Molly & Wyatt, always my Twinkles. 10 years has gone by so slowly and fast all at once. Do you remember when you were littler, you told me you wished for a magical green door that could take you to your family members whenever you wanted? That magical green door is inside of each of you…in your hearts and in your heads, in the stories you tell, and the love you share. Keep that door open, always.



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