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The Last of the Single Digits

To my favorite dynamic duo, on your 9th birthday!

How did we come to the last year of your single digits already?!?! You guys have amazed me this year with your tenacity, spunk, and teamwork. Dad and I wondered if putting you back together in the same class would be more of a hindrance than a help, but it couldn’t have been a better decision. You guys have become each other’s biggest cheer leaders, and have learned how to quietly share your strengths.

twins, boy girl twins, winter, ice castles

Whether it’s backyard acrobatics, zip line creation, the PBT Squad, some unfortunate butt jokes, your Lego adventures, or Treesprouters; you guys have both come together and also helped each other become your own individuals. You’ve shared a passion for music, even if that might include a questionable love of The Village People, and have also learned to follow your own pursuits. I love that you have your secret meetings, and that you feel comfortable sharing your worries with each other. My most fervent wish is that you always stay this way.

ninth birthday, boy girl twins

boy girl twins, twins

My Molly Joy, this year you learned how to say “goodbye.” It’s a hard lesson that even most grownups don’t handle terribly well, but you’ve navigated that sadness and separation with such grace. You’ve learned the real value of people who are important to you, no matter how far away they may be. 

best friends, little girls, brave

You’ve led with integrity this year…standing up for the truth and for others even when it’s not the easy thing to do. Even your teachers have been surprised by how easily you defend others and how adamant you are about fairness. Your dad and I have seen this side of you for a very long time; I’m so glad you finally feel comfortable enough in your own skin to share this part of yourself with others. 

little girl, red sweater

More than anything, this year has been defined by your books. If there’s a free moment…or really any moment…you’ve had your nose in one. I love that you are so transported by a good story. And, I’m shamelessly excited that you have found the magic and mystery of Harry Potter as wonderful as I have. Your imagination is colored with so much creativity and humor and kindness. “Lumos!” 

little girl

Even though Wyatt has always been our resident Rodney Dangerfield, you have kept us laughing this year. Your Molly-isms just can’t be beat! You’re right “Bingo Fish Puncher” does sound much more interesting than “Bolshevik.”

little girl laughing, ice castles

Yes, my worm wrangler, this has been a year of such growth for you. You’ve come out of your shell to show others the MJ we’ve always known. You are a brave, brilliant, bold little human. I could not be any prouder of any role ever in my life than to be your mother. Even if you do leave a trail of stuff behind you wherever you go. 

black and white photo, little girl with freckles

My Wyatt. Change is not something you love, and you’ve had a harder time than your sister adjusting to the idea of your best buddy being gone. You’ve been so resilient. Putting yourself out there to find new friends is never ever easy. But, my little dude, what you don’t realize is just how fun and truly good you are. Even though you might find yourself frustrated at times, that persistent sense of fairness and fun make you such a fantastic friend. 

waterpark, summer, little boy outside

You have a raging curiosity that has had you bouncing around your interests this year. Although it might have caused me to run out screaming “that’s not safe” more times than I might’ve liked, your sense of exploration is pretty darn infectious. You’ve been my motivation to get out and do more too!

little boy outdoors, little league, basketball, New York

What most people might not realize about you, because you are generally such an outgoing guy, is how guarded you’ve become with your feelings. I know you hoard them on the inside because it’s scary to share them with others, but those big feelings are some of the best parts of you. When you love someone, you do it with everything you’ve got. That is the absolute best gift you can ever give. Your hugs are still the very best start to my day. I’m grateful you share them with me. 

Wyatt, as stingy as you might be with your emotions sometimes, dude. You’ve got a serious Scotch Tape addiction. I can’t keep enough in the house. Rolls go missing instantly when you’re around. So, while it makes me laugh, it also makes me smile because you’re such a doer. You’re never one to just sit around watching TV or playing video games. I love that you DO.

Perhaps the thing I’ve loved most about your travel around the sun this year is your adventures in reading. When others might have given up, you’ve kept running straight up that hill and haven’t stopped! You’ve traversed from The Mouse and the Motorcycle, to Percy Jackson, to Tom Sawyer. And, no matter how long it’s taken you, you’ve found the love of the story and have finished.

My Twinkles…what magnificent puzzles you are. May you find adventure when you seek it. Comfort when you need it. And, fun wherever you can make it. The world is a kinder and more colorful place with you two in it. Don’t be afraid to rely on each other, and never ever forget how very loved and wanted you always are.

May the next year ahead bring you smiles and laughter every day. I love you more than you could ever know. 


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