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8 Will Be Great – Candid New York Family Photographer

It’s been a year – 365 wakeups since I last sat to write this letter. 365 goodnight hugs and kisses and wishes for dreams. 365 days to watch the two of you form a partnership marked by mischief, laughter, loyalty, and fun.

When you have a sibling, they say you have a built-in friend. What they don’t say is that you have someone who will forever challenge and champion you simultaneously. This past year, you two have learned the power of compromise and the importance of compassion. 7 challenged each of you in unexpected ways, and brought you together in a (mostly) united front. You have learned to lean on each other when things seemed hard. And, you have learned to share your ideas and appreciate creativity even when it is not your own. 

While you are still very much your own independent little people, the two of you have become…well..You. You have fostered a resiliency and perseverance and confidence in your relationship with each other that has made your dad and I so proud.

Wyatt, think about how much you have learned. You have always been outgoing and strong, the one who keeps us laughing at even the most inappropriate times. But, to watch you become more confident in your own abilities…to sluff off the not so nice things that kids sometimes say a bit more easily. To really know that you are capable. That has been the most wonderful thing to witness this year. There is just so much happiness and joy that spills out of you. There hasn’t been a day when you’ve failed to make us smile.  

This year, you have helped your sister to laugh a little more freely. 

You have realized the power of your words.

And, you have let your adventurous spirit take root.

Molly, while this past year presented some hurdles, you haven’t given up. “Can’t” just isn’t a part of your vocabulary. You have braved some tough social stuff, sometimes alone, but always with honesty. Your willingness to listen and your openness to new ideas is something us grownups could learn from. To watch you become more confident in your strength and to realize your value as a friend were the best parts of seven. You have a tenacity for life that is limitless. 

This year, you have helped your brother to feel more confident in what he knows. 

You have found comfort and joy in the power of music. 

You have braved the world, my girl. 

So, this marks the beginning of your eighth year, my Twinkles. 8 sounds so big, but you’re still so small. Watching you both grow into your own has been the absolute privilege of my life. My wish for you during this next dance around the sun is that you never lose your sense of wonder….that you find comfort in your creativity, inspiration in your adventures, and the freedom to be yourselves. 

You are more loved than you will ever know. Happy birthday to my big kids. Mama & Daddy love you so. 



Joyful & Candid New York Family Photographer

Gina specializes in modern & emotive family imagery. By focusing on the relationships of parents and their children, she is able to go beyond the standard pose and capture the true emotion of her clients’ relationships. Visit the Session Info Page for more details

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