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Photographer Project 52 – Nyack Family Photographer

Project 52 – the penultimate in creativity…

Okay, penultimate??? Because it is just not the most involved or ultimate of personal projects. In a project 52, photographers who take part, share one photo each week. Much much less daunting than the rather terrifying Project 365. I don’t know anyone who has successfully completed a 365 yet.

As a Nyack family photographer, this particular challenge/game/exercise (whatever you’d like to call it) has really been an amazing boost to my creativity during this unending winter here in New York. Macro, sun flare, movement…I’m enjoying it so much more than I thought I would. Each week’s theme this year is a different song lyric. For instance, this week’s theme/lyric is “Wake up sleepy head, I think the sun’s a little brighter today.” by Dave Matthews land.  Thousands of images of nap time floated thru my head, but the whole “sun’s a little brighter” piece is really what got me. This week’s submission is the top row, middle.

With the great thaw on the horizon, I hope you all are getting out and enjoy the “not quite as cold” weather 🙂


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