Welcome to the studio! Located just minutes from the Hudson River, our studio is located within the historic Bell-Ans Center for Creative Arts. Originally built in the late 1800s to produce pharmaceutical remedies, it has seen many reincarnations over its long life. With its modern studio spaces, idyllic grass field and barn, Bell-Ans offers a unique blend of history, industry and natural beauty. Today, many artists like myself call the Bell-Ans Center for Creative Arts home. Our studio is located at the front of the complex, overlooking the large field, and features cathedral ceilings, wood floors, and large windows original to the building. It is a dream to shoot here! Contact us today to reserve your session.

The Clients

As an award-winning New York family photographer, the studio gives us so much added flexibility for clients. Whether its raining or sunny, Winter or Summer, this beautiful but subtle space provides the perfect backdrop for your family. Did I mention that there is a swing?!? Inside? Yep. Because sessions should always be fun, no matter where we are. A little swinging, a little dancing and music, make for time well spent. The studio is built to capture your family as you are naturally…enjoying time spent together. So come on up, have a cup of coffee, take a ride on the swing, bring your favorite book or stuffed bear and let’s play.