A Few Personal Projects

As a photographer, it’s easy to focus solely on photographing my clients and my family. But, almost two years ago, a mentor reminded me of the importance of photographing something just for me. She reminded me that I need to be able to give voice to my own creativity and make time to see it through. So, while these projects do involve my kids (because they’re my partners in crime and I kinda dig hanging out with them), these projects are my own. They represent my desire to embrace the peaks and valleys of life…the beauty and the mundane.

the call of the wild…

My love affair with the mountains began before I could walk. I’ve felt the heat of the campfire on my face…the dirt from miles of trails embedded in my boots. The roar of rivers singing in my ears. Sadly, these wild places have become a rarity in our modern world. I have often wondered if it wouldn’t be better to return to a place and time where we can all find that kind of connection to the elements. This is how “58” began. Out of my longing to expose my own children to the wilderness, to let them see the limitless stars in the night sky, to experience the feeling of smallness in the midst of such vast space. To encourage wonder. “58” will document the exploration of all of our nation’s National Parks. Beginning in Virginia and ending, in about 14 years or so, in Alaska. Come on a journey with us as we follow the call of the wild.

rinse and repeat…

Sometimes Mondays suck, well, mostly Mondays suck. That first slap of bare feet hitting the floor as a new week begins, it’s a long slog until Friday. So, it got me wondering…what if? What if Mondays didn’t always suck? What if there were some beauty to be found in ordinary everyday moments? However, I still wanted to convey that sense of bleakness that sometimes overtakes us as we get ready to begin again…Thus, Monday Mornings began, a photographic retrospective in monochrome.