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Special Delivery – Client Packaging. Nyack Family Photographer

Who doesn’t love getting something pretty in the mail? Nobody I’ve ever met!
Have you wondered what a delivery looks like from Joy Alexander Photography? Well, here ya go!

As a Nyack family photographer, I try to keep things fun but natural. And, when thinking about what I send off to my clients, I wanted to make sure it reflected that. Digital files are included with every family session, but CDs are soooo 1990s (taste the sarcasm). Direct downloads do not reflect me as a person or my studio. So, what to do? Every client who books a family session receives their digital images on a custom wood USB drive.

It’s great, but the biggest problem with digital images is that they have an annoying tendency to stay stuck on that pretty USB. So, each client also receives a complete set of 4×6 prints in their package. Not only does this give you something tangible to hold, but it also gives you a reference for how your prints *should* look if you decide to print anything on your own. But, please, please…for the love of all things pretty….don’t print at Costco or Walgreens. Don’t get me wrong; I love both stores, just not for printing of images. Not to worry, I list my printing recommendations right on the print release that is also included in each family session box.

I still do recommend that clients print anything larger than an 8×10 thru me because I have all wall images printed on archival paper, then mounted and coated with a beautiful lustre coating for protection lasting decades. Remember how those childhood photos we cherish look faded and are sometimes warped from moisture?

Yep, that can happen, which is why I take the extra steps to ensure your wall prints never go the way of the photograph of my sisters and I from 1982.

If you’d like to book your own family session with Joy Alexander Photography, CONTACT US today! See you soon 🙂

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